Gave up on the idea that I can live anonymously, so here it goes.

I love startups.
In 2014 I founded the first Comic Con in Vietnam. I grew the company to 80 employees and attracted 10,000 attendees the first year.

Then I moved to LA to finish a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.

I’m usually in media & operations.
In LA, I joined TubeScience, a FB video ads startup, as Entrepreneur In Residence and employee no 7. I scaled the team from 7 to 100+ people, personally hiring 80% of the workforce (around 90 people). I’m now Head of Operations at Infinite Lambda, a data engineering startup. I like building systems that scale and making an impact with meaningful businesses.

I was born and raised in the Czech Republic to Vietnamese parents (hence my quirky last name). Apart from 6 years in LA, I’ve worked in Vietnam, Switzerland & London.

My alter ego/fun fact
I was the first Asian actress on Czech TV, filming over 120 episodes. I studied Improv at the Groundlings and Method Acting at The Lee Strasberg Institute in Hollywood. My latest appearance is in a Czech crime TV series where I play a cop.

Some scenes from the show with English subtitles are here.